Cahaba Heights sisters send hundreds to McWane Science Center through donations

What's Right With our Schools: The gift of McWane Science Center

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Don’t tell 11-year-old Ann Harper Adams and her sister Reese they’re too young to make an impact on children less fortunate.

They’re learning about service while at Cahaba Heights Elementary and they’ve really taken what they’ve learned to heart. They’re already raising thousands of dollars to help children have fun at their favorite place, the McLane Science Center.

“Beaker Seekers is like a scholarship for students in Birmingham or around Birmingham for them to learn about science through the McWane Center,” Ann said.

Beaker Seekers is a website where people can donate money with a goal of raising $5,000 sending 500 students to McWane Center.

“We started a website, we got a logo, got some notecards and we just kind started asking people and people just started donating. It didn’t start off big, but now it’s getting pretty big,” Ann said.

Their mom says they have already met that goal and then some.

“By May of last year was our goal and we reached it and we are now resetting the clock and so far we’ve been able to send 676 kids to McWane Science Center for a day of learning,” Charlotte Ann Adams said.

Adams says she is amazed at the selflessness of her own kids who started out digging money out of their own wallets and selling lemonade to raise money.

“It became a family project , then a community project,” Adams said. “I had chills from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. It’s amazing to see what our community does in response to a love for service, for the kindness of two children who just looked beyond themselves and really looked to the community and looked to the adults and to companies, to the individuals and said, ‘Hey, help us.’”

A photographer and web designer stepped up. So did a marketing expert, helping the children come up with a mission - which is everyone deserves a chance to discover.

“I wish I could meet and hug them all, but we are really the ones blessed and it’s really a gift to us to be able to do that. Who knows who among those 676 kids. Who knows what seeds are being planted and what’s going to grow from that,” Adams said.

Adams says it’s easy to donate on

"We are not a 501c, we are a conduit. We are an ambassador for McWane Science Center. The website takes you directly to McWane Science Center, the donations are all tax deductible, you can donate in any increments. If you want to send one child, if you to send half a child, if you want to send a whole classroom - the options are there and available.

Reese says she’s happy to impact the lives of children less fortunate.

“I feel bad for the kids that don’t get to go to McWane Science Center and the fact that we are doing this and thinking about it just makes me smile,” she said.

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