Police: Death of goat at Alabama Fair petting zoo an accident

(Source: Facebook)
Updated: Oct. 1, 2018 at 9:57 PM CDT
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Death of goat at Alabama Fair petting zoo an accident

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - After being called to investigate the death of a goat at the petting zoo at the Alabama Fair Saturday evening, the Pelham Police Department has concluded the incident was an accident.

The Pelham Police Department addressed the incident Monday evening in a press release.

Police say they determined the goat died as a result of an injury caused by another animal at the petting zoo.

As part of their investigation, police looked into the well being of the other animals at the petting zoo and code enforcement reviewed veterinary records for all of the animals on location.

Their determination was that the goat’s death was an unfortunate accident.

NEWS RELEASE: October 1, 2018 The Pelham Police Department received a complaint Saturday evening about a possible dead...

Posted by Pelham, Alabama Police Department on Monday, October 1, 2018

A 10-second video, recorded by Peyton Hill at the fair, went viral on Facebook Sunday and Monday.

By Monday night, 100,000 people viewed a goat lying limp in its food bowl.

Video of goat at petting zoo goes viral
Video of goat at petting zoo goes viral(Source: WBRC)

Hill said she thought the goat was dead, but the fair director said that’s not the whole story.

Hill said she’s not a fan of petting zoos to begin with, but when she saw the condition of the animals at the Alabama State Fair, she said she started recording prove just how bad this one was.

“At that point I was wanting to take a video to show what I had seen because it was so horrific and I just wanted proof of it,” she said.

Hill posted the video, not expecting thousands of shares.

Peyton Hill recorded the video
Peyton Hill recorded the video(Source: WBRC)

“I am very shocked,” said Hill. “As soon as I posted it, my boyfriend last night said, ‘That’s going to go viral.’”

He was right.

Hill said she and her boyfriend came to the Alabama State Fair Saturday, visiting the petting zoo first.

She said this goat was lying limp in its food bowl.

“We left, we came back four hours later and he was in the same position, so I immediately knew something was very wrong,” said Hill.

She thought the goat was dead and alerted a worker.

But the Alabama State Fair Director Mark Lovell said the goat wasn’t dead.

He said it was recuperating from an injury.

Mark Lovell
Mark Lovell(Source: WBRC)

“No one did anything wrong,” said Lovell. “It’s a shame that the camel slipped.”

Lovell said the camel accidentally fell on the goat Thursday, and injured it.

He said the goat was resting when Hill was recording, and it died a couple hours after the video was taken.

“To think that they’re being cruel to the animals is just not true,” said Lovell.

But Hill said she doesn’t believe it, and hopes her video will make some changes when it comes to animals at petting zoos.

“Animal abuse and negligence happens all the time and that is what I saw, and that’s something that I feel passionate about and want to speak about,” she said. “The animals don’t have voices of their own, so we have to speak for them.”

The Pelham Police Department said after their investigation, they observed the animals and none appeared to be in distress.

They’re calling this an unfortunate accident.

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