New anti-gun violence campaign to launch in Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa approves a plan to help pay for a new anti-gun violence campaign

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) -The city of Tuscaloosa approved a new plan to help pay for a new anti-gun violence campaign.

More details were shared in a meeting Tuesday night about the campaign that will be centered around influencing behavioral change.

Although not all the specifics have been worked out, Councilor Raevan Howard said the campaign will operate similar to how anti-drug campaigns have before, in the past. For example using, positive images displayed on billboards, social media, TV and even radio are ideas they’re considering. Howard interviewed local law enforcement agencies to see who and where gun violence continues to be problem to better help experts specializing in media campaigns form a solid plan.

”My goal behind this campaign is to be able to target and help influence individuals that might be more prone to gun violence in their community and help them understand the harsh negative effects have on a community,” said Howard.

Howard tells said the campaign will focus on the entire city not just certain parts. She says the city has agreed to help pay for half it , which is around $50,000 and they’re working to come up with the other half to move it forward.

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