Maude Whatley Health Services gets money to treat more people with opioid addiction

Opioid abuse grant

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is giving four million dollars to 15 community health centers in Alabama for opioid treatment.

Whatley Health Services in Tuscaloosa is getting $285,000. The money will go towards substance abuse and mental health counseling for people with opioid addiction.

Deborah Tucker, Maude Whatley’s CEO, says the money coming going to these centers will help people needing treatment get better access to it in the communities where they live. She believes the help they’ll provide will help save lives.

“It is an increasing problem in our community. And most alarming are the deaths that are associated, in particular the opioid deaths,” Tucker told WBRC.

Whatley Health Services will use the money it’s receiving to extend drug counseling hours, contract pain management specialists for those in recovery, hire someone to help them connect to resources available to them, and provide transportation for these people to get treated.

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