Advocate speaks about the importance of voter registration

National Voter Registration Day

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - During a divisive political season, this year’s National Voter Registration Day comes at a critical time.

Many people are supporting the move to get people registered to vote, including 10th Judicial Circuit Clerk Anne-Marie Adams.

“The only way I would miss voting is if I am dead on November 6,” Adams said.

Adams, who advocates voting, also serves on the Election Commission and on election day she’s there until the last vote is counted.

“It’s too important to skip. It’s free, but you pay a big price when you don’t vote,” said Adams.

She’s hoping more people would register to vote

“I’ve always been passionate about the privilege to vote. If you want a voice in America, speak it on election day,” said Adams.

During her sit down with WBRC on Tuesday afternoon, she discussed a number of voting and election day issues to help make November 6 a smooth day for Jefferson County voters.

One of the common issues is voters who are considered inactive . She said this could be for a few reasons, the main one, people haven’t voted in two election cycles.

“If you don’t vote into two election cycles they will purge your name from the list and assume you’re dead or moved and you’re pulled from a list and you’re listed inactive,” she explained.

If this happens on election day you can vote a provisional ballot. For those of you who think those ballots don’t count, she said that’s absolutely not true.

“Those ballots are all checked and we meet on the Tuesday following the election. So I’m sitting in the room and I see them counted. Those are counted and so are absentee ballots. People think absentee ballots aren’t counted unless the race is really close," she continued.

To find out if you’re active visit the secretary of state’s website here .

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