No-show metal detector workers slowed entry into stadium for Bama fans

Metal detector delays at Bryant-Denny Stadium

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Weather and fewer operators for metal detectors slowed down fans entering Bryant-Denny Stadium before the kickoff of Alabama’s football game against Texas A&M, according to some folks - including Alabama Athletic Director Greg Byrne.

Steve Horton and his family remember something besides Alabama’s big win on Saturday. “We waited out the thunderstorm that happened and after the rain kind of passed by, everyone was flooding the gate and it was a little slower than expected," Horton said.

Fans must now pass through metal detectors before entering the stadium. We’re told fewer people than expected showed up Saturday to work the metal detectors. Byrne confirmed that in a tweet that said in part: “Stadium entry didn’t go as well. Security company had a LARGE number of scheduled personnel no-show which led to many metal detectors unable to be used.”

Horton noticed several metal detectors in some areas weren’t even being used. “Could have been a little more efficient. How do you think that affected people being able to get into the game quickly. It slowed things down a little bit and it could have flawed faster if you had more points to enter," Horton added.

He believes not having more ways for people to walk through the metal detectors made getting into the stadium slower for some. “Probably between a 10 or 15 minute wait,” Horton concluded.

We reached out to Andy Frain Services, the company hired to coordinate security and operate the metal detectors. We are still waiting on a comment about the situation.

Alabama plays Louisiana-Lafayette Saturday at Bryant Denny Stadium.

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