Graysville Firemen Upset Over Lack of Benefits

Health insurance out of the Graysville budget

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Graysville Firefighters are upset about the potential loss of their health benefits which have apparently been cut from the budget.

It was a tense council meeting due to the naming of an interim fire chief. And after $200,0000 in budget cuts for the department, employees are uncertain about their future.

Some are not sure whether they will keep their jobs. One thing they know--their health benefits were taken out of the budget that was passed last Thursday. Firemen saying it was taken out of their budget that went from $800,000 to a little over $600,000.

“Our budget has been cut to the point where we have no money for uniforms, no money for training, our vehicle maintenance has been cut in half, our capital outlays has been completely removed from the budget, our health insurance, our life insurance was completely removed from the budget,” says Graysville Fireman and Paramedic Silas Lindsey.

“I do know that the new budget that we presented and got passed, it may not have health insurance for some of the folks, but I think all the life insurance is still there. Yes, all the life insurance is still intact,” says Graysville Mayor

New interim fire chief, Greg Gilchrist used to volunteer with the Graysville Fire Department. He says even with budget cuts, no one will be losing their job. They are currently looking for volunteers to help supplement open vacancies.

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