Tuscaloosa County DA launches new DUI policy

Tuscaloosa County DA launches new DUI policy

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The Tuscaloosa County District Attorney’s Office has launched a new policy to help reduce the amount of drunk drivers that get on the road.

Tuscaloosa County District Attorney Hays Webb calls it the” Zero Refusal Policy.” The plan is to work with local law enforcement agencies and the courts to encourage drivers to think twice before driving under the influence.

This applies when certain people get pulled over and some refuse to take a breath test. This policy if enforced tells officers to get a blood sample from any suspected DUI defendant who doesn’t want to take a breath test. It also makes it easier for law enforcement to get approval for a search warrant , through a judge over the phone.

“The message for us is we want the people of our county as safe as possible," Webb said. "We want to do our best job to be proactive working with law enforcement, working with courts to make the people again whether it’s the roads, businesses, churches, schools, we want them to be as safe where ever they are,”

Webb said they want to get the most accurate information about what’s in the driver’s system and this policy helps speed up that process if they are in fact driving under the influence or intoxicated.

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