Road repairs provide relief for St. Clair Co. drivers

St. Clair County roadway work

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Drivers in St. Clair County were excited to see construction crews on Wednesday.

"We're grateful for it,” said Randy Northington.

But this excitement was once frustration just a week ago, as drivers dodged large potholes.

“It was terrible. I had a buddy of mine that knocked their rear ends out. We’ve all had trouble at the tracks," continued Northington.

The trouble was so bad, drivers said they had to drive on the wrong side of the road to avoid the problem areas.

“On the right side coming from this direction it was really bad,” said Bishop Stand, as he pointed toward the railroad crossing. Stand has property that’s next door to the road work.

“Everyone would veer over to the left side because it was smoother to make their crossing,” explained Stand.

Crews worked to repave a portion of Pinedale Road that butts to the railroad crossing.

"It appears how they did the repair here at the crossing, that it didn’t hold up, and now they’ve come back out to fix that issue,” continued Stand.

The St. Clair County engineer said the potholes have been a problem for some time, and the railroad company had scheduled to make repairs earlier this month, but it didn’t happen.

We made a few phone calls and spoke with a representative from Northfolk Southern who said crews would be out repairing the roads this week, and as promised, the road was repaved.

“I’m glad they recognized the problem and came out to fix it,” a resident said.

It was an all-day fix.

Drivers had to turn around at the tracks. Others walked across, but Stand said it was all worth it.

“Sometimes you have to be patient and experience a little bit of inconvenience for the sake of progress,” Stand concluded.

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