Helena city leaders working on traffic issues

Helena city leaders working on traffic issues
(Source: Hannah Ward/WBRC)

HELENA, AL (WBRC) - For some drivers in Helena, it takes 30 minutes to get 2.5 miles during their morning commute.

Chief Pete Folmar with Helena Police Department says Shelby County traffic is a domino effect.

“Feeder roads that go into areas that tend to back up you know 52 to 65 in Pelham, Valleydale and 65 in Hoover and all of that creates a domino effect that effects our traffic,” said Folmar.

So if there is a wreck in Hoover , Alabaster, or Pelham, that traffic impact reaches all the way to Helena until miles of cars, like dominos, come to a stop.

Helena police say they are doing the best they can with what they have right now.

“We are one of the few communities around that actually physically has to get out and direct traffic,” Folmar explained.

Folmar said the city is aggressively working with ALDOT on road projects that could help.

“I think it will relieve some of these traffic congestions. It will not do away with it completely, but it will certainly relieve it and make it better,” Folmar said.

Mayor Mark Hall said the city will soon vote on increasing certain permits for new development so that the additional money can go towards the infrastructure needed to accommodate to new construction.

Hall said that the council is set to vote on the increase on Monday.

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