WES: First Alert for rising pollen levels, scattered storms return by the weekend

First Alert Weather; Tuesday 9/18/2018

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - FIRST ALERT FOR RISING POLLEN LEVELS: We often associate rising pollen levels with the spring in Alabama but this is actually a very active pollen season. Welcome to ragweed season! According to a new report from the Alabama Allergy and Asthma Center, weed pollen levels are in the moderate range. If you’re an allergy sufferer, I would consider steps like not opening your car/home windows, and making sure you have a good filter for your air unit. I know its tempting, especially as we reach the cooler fall days. The ragweed pollen usually becomes a big issue beginning in August and diminishes around the time of the first frost. Some wet weather would help us out, however the dry days continue to add up.

ANY RAIN IN THE NEAR FUTURE? If you look at the latest drought monitor, you will see that some of our counties are in the abnormally dry category. This is typically one of our driest periods of the entire year. October is our driest month on average, with an average monthly total of 3.43.” In the short term, we don’t see much rain. You can expect another mostly clear sky overnight, with lows in the 70s. Plan for more very hot and steamy weather for the next several days, and this temperature pattern will linger into the weekend. We will see a better chance for some afternoon pop-up storms and showers beginning on Thursday, as the flow becomes more southerly. While the wet weather won’t be too organized, some locations will receive beneficial rain in the afternoon and evening hours. Some of the storms that pop-up may also produce frequent cloud-to-ground lightning. Therefore, with respect to football plans, or any other plans you have for the weekend, a storm delay can’t be ruled out.

FIRST ALERT FOR POSSIBLE CHANGES NEXT WEEK: If you’re a fan of cooler weather, the long range data continues to advertise the possibility of a strong front next week followed by lower temperatures. This system could bring a much better chance of rain and possibly some stormy weather during the 27th/28th time frame. We will keep you posted as the new model data rolls in. Its amazing how quickly things can settle down in the tropics, but right now there are no hurricanes in the Atlantic. Joyce is struggling to remain organized as a depression over the eastern Atlantic and Florence is no longer an organized tropical system. We will be keeping an eye on an upper level disturbance over the Gulf, but this will pass well south of Alabama. This system is not expected to develop into an organized tropical system within the next five days. You can find the latest forecast track for Joyce on the WBRC First Alert Weather App.

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