Governor Kay Ivey Speaks to Tuscaloosa Rotary Club

Governor Kay Ivey Speaks to Tuscaloosa Rotary Club
Gov. Kay Ivey speaks

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Governor Kay Ivey spoke to members of the Tuscaloosa Rotary Club Tuesday.

“We’ve steadied the ship. Now we’re trying to steer the ship,” Ivey told reporters after speaking and taking questions.

Ivey spent nearly half an hour laying out her plans for education, improving Alabama’s economy and answering several questions from the audience. She said again she doesn’t plan to debate Tuscaloosa Mayor and Democratic candidate Walt Maddox.

″I find it very interesting we’re about 200 yards from where Senator Richard Shelby and his wife Annette live. We all admire Senator Shelby," said Ivey. “He has served a long time and he’s served very well. To my knowledge he has never debated anybody that has challenged him in any race. I don’t see the big deal in it.”

Monday, Maddox addressed the debate issue while announcing a statewide bus tour.

″One thing Governor Ivey cannot avoid is the November 6th election. And so people will ultimately determine this with their ballots and it doesn’t hurt me that she won’t debate. It hurts the people of Alabama," Maddox said Monday.

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