WES: Summer heat continues this week but fall is right around the corner!

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - MORE SUMMER HEAT: The remnants of Florence continue to lift well northeast of our area but the circulation pattern will bring a pleasant northerly breeze. This is helping with comfort levels tonight and this will help make for a pleasantly warm start to the day tomorrow. The summer heat will continue for several more days, with highs running about 5 to 10 degrees above average throughout the week. In fact, the heat will approach near record levels on Tuesday and Wednesday. You can expect lots of sunshine, with mainly dry weather conditions.

ANY RAIN THIS WEEK? The wind flow will become more southerly by Thursday afternoon and this will bring increasing moisture, which will fuel scattered afternoon storms. The chance for hit or miss storms and showers will continue through the end of the week and weekend. Most of the rainfall development will be during the afternoon and evening hours. If you’ve already started working on your fall garden, I would plan on watering. No real organized rain event is expected through early next week. We will be watching the long range for the possibility of a more organized rain and storm event associated with a cold front during the 27th-29th timeframe. The long range data has hinted at some temperature changes by early October, which would be right on schedule. The average temperature typically takes a tumble into the low 80s by early October. The fall season officially arrives in just five days!

FLORENCE TO RE-STRENGTHEN? The remnants of Florence will impact the northeast through tomorrow and then re-emerge over the Atlantic. The Global Forecast System suggests the system could re-develop over the Atlantic but the westerly flow should eventually take this system east. Joyce remains a weak tropical depression over the far eastern Atlantic. You can track Joyce and all the developments in the tropics on our FREE WBRC First Alert Weather App.

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