Railroad company plans to repair potholes in St. Clair Co.

Railroad crossing issue

SPRINGVILLE, AL (WBRC) - Drivers in St. Clair County are fed up with potholes near the railroad tracks on Pinedale Road.

“It’s pretty bad. It rattles and shakes the whole car,” said Tyler Dennis, who travels this road everyday for work.

The road near the railroad crossing is littered with large potholes, creating a bumpy drive.

“If you’re coming out of Pinedale this way, most people will drive along the other side of the railroad track to avoid the potholes," Dennis said.

St. Clair County engineer Dan Dahlke said this has been an issue for quite sometime. He said Norfolk Southern did work to the crossing a few months back, but there have still been problems.

Dahlke said they even came back out to do more patchwork, but the problems persist.

“It’s pretty rough on both sides,” said Jean Buckner, who lives in the community and knows the problem firsthand. "Several people in the neighborhood have called and complained and not it’s gotten worse.”

The good news is relief could be on the way.

A spokesperson for Norfolk Southern said in a statement that the railroad company plans to work on repaving the road near the railroad crossings beginning September 18 and continue throughout the week, if the weather permits.

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