Mountain Brook HS donates former band uniforms to Woodlawn HS

Woodlawn HS gets new band uniforms

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Woodlawn High School will march in style tonight in brand new band uniforms and it’s all thanks to the Mountain Brook High School marching band.

It’s been seven years since Woodlawn has had an official band uniform due to the lack of funding, but that all changed Thursday afternoon when Mountain Brook High School donated their old band uniforms because the two schools share the same school colors - green and gold.

“It’s one band, one sound. We have logos now that say Woodlawn on them. It feels good to finally represent our high school,” said Woodlawn senior trumpet player Kheli Rhymes.

“I’m so excited. We are used to having plain black pants or basketball shorts and a t-shirt, and this makes us official now,” said senior clarinet player Jaidah Nalls.

Mountain Brook donated 110 uniforms. The Woodlawn Foundation donated $2,100 to buy patches to cover all the Mountain Brook and Spartan logos, and Magic Stitches Embroidery donated their time to sew all the patches on the uniforms.

“I like the colors, the sash, I just love it. When I put this uniform on I feel invincible, I feel like a superhero,” Rhymes added.

Woodlawn will perform in their new uniforms tonight at their football game against Briarwood Christian on Friday.

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