Irondale holds summit educating drivers, cyclists rules of the road

Irondale holds cycling summit

IRONDALE, AL (WBRC) - Officials with Irondale police held a summit Thursday night to educate drivers and cyclists on the rules of the road.

The summit was prompted after a cyclist caught a driver on tape driving through a pack of cyclists at a stop sign, appearing to knock one cyclist off his bike.

Police say they were able to identify that motorist, who has been charged with two counts of reckless endangerment, which is a misdemeanor. The investigation is ongoing.

It's instances like these that police are trying to prevent.

Folks at the meeting heard from Municipal Court Judge Lee Barnes and Jefferson County Assistant District Attorney John Camp. They were there to explain the legal aspects of these kinds of accidents. Detective Sargent Michael Mangina says we all need to be a little more mindful of others.

"We need to be courteous. We need to think when we’re out driving around. And the thing about it, on a bicycle, if you pass a bicycle, you’re supposed to give 3 feet to pass safely. And we need to remember that. And we need to remember that someone riding a bicycle on the road has just as much right to be there as someone driving a vehicle,” says Mangina.

Judge Barnes also stressed the importance of getting a quality recording device for your car or bike to show detectives after an accident.

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