How to prevent over-pressurized gas leaks

How to prevent over-pressurized gas leaks
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(WBRC) - It's been characterized as looking like Armageddon.

One person was killed, at least 25 others were injured and dozens of homes destroyed after explosions rocked an area north of Boston on Thursday.

"Something went wrong with the gas pressure. Something allowed the gas pressure to get a lot higher than what it normally should have been,” said Kerry Adkins, President of OnTime Service.

Those were the first thoughts Adkins had when he saw the scene. He obviously can’t say for sure, but that is one of most talked about theories among investigators.

Adkins says each house with gas has a regulator attached to its meter to control the pressure. Individual appliances also usually have the devices attached to them.

However, if the pressure gets too high from the main line, those regulators can malfunction.

“If you just keep putting more and more pressure on it, at some point it’s going to pop,” said Adkins.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

"Probably at least annually you should have someone, a certified gas fitter come in and just check the gas pressure inside your home,” said Adkins.

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