Plans to redevelop old Trinity Hospital site on hold

Plans to redevelop old Trinity Hospital site on hold
Old Trinity Hospital in Birmingham. (Source: WBRC Staff)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Plans to redevelop the old Trinity Hospital property in Birmingham are no longer moving forward.

Ben Berman, of Berman Enterprises, confirmed the move when asked if the company was no longer planning to develop the site.

“That is correct. No further comment,” said Berman in an email to WBRC.

Despite the decision, a Birmingham city councilor who represents some of district surrounding the property is still optimistic it will be developed at some point in the future.

“There really is a lot of interest in this site I believe. Its location is very unique with the car count that runs by it, as well as, the density of residents that live adjacent of the property,” said Hunter Williams, Birmingham City Council District 2. “We are very optimistic that a developer is going to be able to put something really something good in that space.”

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