Florence evacuees returning home to Birmingham metro

People evacuating to Birmingham area

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Some of those evacuating the Carolinas before Hurricane Florence hits are coming home to the Birmingham area.

Allie Jenkins is one example. The Blount County native moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, about a month ago.

She loves the city but knows it won’t look like this in the next day or so as Wilmington is predicted to be in the path of Hurricane Florence.

“I was kind of worried about everything when I saw the flooding and stuff like that,” Jenkins said.

At first, she considered trying to stay, but as time went on knew she had to go. But not before preparing her apartment as best she could.

“I live on the first floor so I tried to put everything I couldn’t bring with me in the moment, I tried to put it up as high as I could on top shelves and got waterproof tubs and got everything off the ground,” Jenkins said.

She stuffed as much as she could in her car then hit the road about noon Tuesday.

“And I was just going to try drive all the way straight through to home but the traffic was way too heavy. I sat in standstill for almost an hour at some points,” Jenkins said.

She’s glad she left when she did, but is concerned for those who couldn’t.

“I’m kind of worried about a lot of the really good people that just don’t have the means to get up and evacuate or have their whole lives in Wilmington and they can’t just pick up and move,” Jenkins said.

And while she’s back here at home, this is far from a vacation.

“Definitely will be watching the whole time. I’m going to enjoy the city again and being around family, but I’m 100-percent going to be worried and checking in,” Jenkins said.

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