Hoover School Superintendent responds to student’s racial rant

Superintendent address student rant (Source: WBRC)
Superintendent address student rant (Source: WBRC)
Updated: Sep. 11, 2018 at 10:57 PM CDT
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Hoover diversity concerns

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - A disturbing video is circulating social media. It shows a teenager hanging from a gym bar, but it’s not what she’s doing, it’s what she said that’s causing a firestorm.

The teen girl is heard spewing racial slurs. The Hoover City School District confirmed the teen is a student at Spain Park.

The school superintendent Dr. Kathy Murphy addressed the concerns of the community and the video following Tuesday night’s board meeting.

Murphy said the video isn’t a representation of the school district.

“We don’t embrace any conversations that are unfair, unkind, demeaning derogatory, and racist in nature,” Murphy said.

This video was not made on school campus, with a school issued device, or during school time.

“This does not make it more palatable to us that a student would be on such a rant, but it didn’t happen at the school or on our devices.”

Murphy said the school’s principal is investigating the issue, but because it didn’t happen on school property with a school device, discipline if any, hasn’t been determined.

This also comes after a Spain Park employee is accused of using demeaning language at the school's football game on Friday to a group of parents.

Murphy said this employee claims she didn’t say the things she’s being accused of. The school district is also investigating those allegations.

“We will address that in an appropriate manner in accordance to the law and based on our code of conduct.”

It’s unclear if she was attending the game in a work capacity.

“It was at a football game and I don’t assume she had any responsibilities at the football. I’m not aware of any if she did,” explained Murphy.

She also addressed the claims that this behavior is a part of the school system’s culture. She pointed to a new position the district approved. The Director of Equity and Educational Initiatives will address diversity among many things.

“It’s very much about equity . It’s about diversity, inclusion and our ability to serve all students well,” Murphy continued.

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