Tuscaloosa prepared for game day traffic

Officials discuss Alabama football gameday traffic

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Alabama’s home opener is now just three days away.

The University of Alabama, ALDOT, and the City of Tuscaloosa are doing more to monitor traffic coming to and leaving the city than ever before.

The Traffic Management Center housed at the University of Alabama compiles most traffic information happening in Tuscaloosa.

People working here pass that information on to drivers headed to campus for football games "Just the influx of traffic really fills our roadways to capacity. So we will do our best to adjust signal timings to get that traffic moving as quickly as possible," Jonathan Mills, Transportation System Management and Operations Engineer explained Wednesday.

Sixty cameras placed around Tuscaloosa feed live video and traffic information here 24/7.

It's just one service offered through a partnership between the University, the city of Tuscaloosa and the Alabama Department of Transportation.

"We will also be running our service patrol, whIch will be on I-20/59 before and after the game. They will assist motorists with minor mechanical issues to help move traffic," Mills added.

The TMC will have more people here Friday through Sunday to better inform the public whether they should leave early or alter their route to the game.

"It's best to keep tabs until leave to know if traffic is backing up or if there are any accidents, things like that," according to Nick Frenz, with UA Transportation Services.

You can access that information online at www.ALGOtraffic.com, and www.UAGameday.com or download the ALGOTraffic app to your smartphone.

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