B’ham radio host describes shooting outside Workplay as a “war zone”

Locals react to shooting outside Workplay

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A radio talk show host described Sunday night’s shooting outside Workplay as a “war zone.”

Several people were injured and police are holding one of them.

Lady Woo said she was inside Workplay hosting an event to celebrate 10 years of her radio show on 95.7 Jamz when she saw people running back inside the venue saying there was a shooting.

Her event was happening as a teen party on the other side of the venue was wrapping up.

Police said seven people were shot and one person injured their knee.

Now, one of those people injured is in custody.

Lady Woo said sadly, she wasn't shocked by the violence.

"In a perfect world, you would love to be able to party and enjoy life with young people and show them how you can have a good time, and not really be violent, and not have any issues. But once we got out here, it brought everything to the forefront of what we face now. We face a lot of division, no self control, no respect, nothing. It was just like a war zone," Woo said.

Seven of those injured are teens and another is a 20-year-old.

Police said formal charges are pending against the suspect.

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