Congressional healthcare affordable, Ocasio-Cortez tweets

Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, says her healthcare is more affordable in the House of Representatives than it was as a waitress.

Trump tweets target Russia probe

As the evidence grows, President Donald Trump is tweeting his frustration with the Russian probe that has implicated him.

Pondering running for president, Booker visits NH

Sen. Cory Booker, D-NJ, talked about "bread and butter issues" and said over the holidays, he'll be pondering a presidential run.

Trump confirms John Kelly leaving White House at end of year

Pres. Donald Trump said Kelly is on the way out.

‘I know you’re 15. What about it?’ 21-year-old EMT sexts girl he just treated, district attorney say

Authorities said Joshua Patterson took the girl’s information and found her online.

Trump: Barr to be attorney general

President Donald Trump described William Barr as a "highly respected" attorney.

Mueller recommends no jail time for Flynn

Based on the former national security adviser's cooperation in the Russian probe, Special Counsel Robert Mueller said he should stay out of jail.

Final goodbyes for Bush, 41st president

The state funeral for President George H.W. Bush will be held Wednesday at Washington National Cathedral.

Flynn's given 'substantial assistance' to Mueller; Stone pleads Fifth

Michael Flynn, a former national security adviser and member of the Trump campaign, may not see any jail time because he cooperated with Robert Mueller.

George H.W. Bush honored in Washington

The 41st president of the U.S. is lying in state in the rotunda, ahead of a state funeral at the National Cathedral on Wednesday.

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Body of former president George H.W. Bush on way to Washington, DC

The 41st president of the U.S., who died Friday, will lie in state at the Capitol until Wednesday.

Trump: Moscow deal 'never went through'

President Donald Trump defends himself amid his former attorney Michael Cohen's plea deal Thursday morning.

America's expensive war on terror

According to a new report, by the end of fiscal year 2019 the US will have spent nearly $6 trillion on the war on terror.

Potential 2020 candidates

With the 2018 midterms over, the time is coming for 2020 presidential hopefuls to make the leap.

Midterm Elections

Former Republican State Rep. Paul Demarco and former State Chair for the Bill Clinton re-election, John Saxon break down the midterms.

Mark Pettway is the new Jefferson County Sheriff

Pettway beat Mike Hale, receiving 51 percent of the vote

VIDEO: JeffCo Sheriff candidate Mark Pettway

Joe Siegelman concedes election

Joe Siegelman concedes election

VIDEO: Lt. Governor-Elect Will Ainsworth

Marshall beats Siegelman

Marshall beats Siegelman

VIDEO: JeffCo District Attorney candidate Danny Carr

VIDEO: Walt Maddox concedes governor's race

Gov. Ivey wins election

Gov. Ivey wins election

Marshall thankful for family support

Marshall thankful for family support

Kay Ivey watch party

Kay Ivey watch party

Joe Siegelman on election day

Joe Siegelman on election day

Will Ainsworth on election day

Will Ainsworth on election day

Walt Maddox on election day

Walt Maddox on election day

Lt. Governor Race: Will Boyd, Will Ainsworth

VIDEO: Will Ainsworth campaign manager Tripp Skipper

Tree limb smashes car windshield in Mountain Brook

Jefferson County Sheriff's Race

Attorney General Race: Steve Marshall campaign

Attorney General Race: Joe Siegelman campaign

Jefferson County District Attorney race

Governor's Race: Walt Maddox campaign

Governor's Race: Kay Ivey campaign