Special needs adults' limitations are redefined with local program

Project Search

SHELBY COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The Arc of Shelby County's program 'Project Search' is opening doors for job opportunities.

Rebecca Pilgreen, who works for The Arc of Shelby County, says that students interested in entering the work force go through training to help them better adjust once they get their job.

"They have a sense of independence they have a lot of skills is just focusing in on what those are," she said.

Paul is a participant. He works for Taziks and says he does a lot of different task at work and he loves them all.

"It is my dream job," he said.

He loves making deliveries, washing dishes and cleaning tables. No matter the job, he does it with a smile.

"I think anytime you walk into a work environment and someone just automatically has a positive attitude automatically has a smile on their face," Pilgreen explains.

Shelby is a project search worker for the Pelham Library. Her boss Mary Campbell says she was a great hire.

"Shelby is amazing. She is cheerful, she is punctual and she's just a joy to work with every day," Campbell said.

Shelby is a very focused worker and pays close attention to detail.

"I really think that she looks at every single book that she touches and she'll find things like marks on the book or damage or if it's mislabeled. Whereas some of the rest of us get in such a hurry that we just don't catch those things," Campbell said.

"I find it satisfying when I fix an error," Shelby explains.

Project Search redefines limitations by identifying their strengths and guiding them to success.

The Arc has many wonderful partners to help make project search a success. If you are interested in participating or supporting project search visit The Arc of Shelby County website.

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