Here's what's new for Tuscaloosa City and County schools this year

Here's what's new for Tuscaloosa City and County schools this year
(Source: Tuscaloosa City Schools FB page)

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa County Schools is making a big effort to provide students with all the educational tools necessary to take advantage of career opportunities right here in West Alabama after they graduate from high school.

With a growing automotive industry in the area offering thousands of jobs in the coming months, district administrators want to feed that demand.

So they're opening up two career techs later this fall at Tuscaloosa County High School and Brookwood High School for students interested in learning the ropes while in school.

Their goal now is to get the word out to parents and students that other career options are available to students.

"Not only the job opportunities but also the educational opportunities that are there, we're trying to every year have something for youngsters that point them toward great opportunities after high school and that's what it's all about making them not only college ready career ready as well," said Dennis Duncan, director of career and technical education.

A district spokesperson said the new Holt High School opening up next year will have a career tech program there too.

Students walked into a brand new building at Arcadia Elementary School in Tuscaloosa this school year.

The new school was built from the ground up on their property on Arcadia Drive.

Students attending Northridge middle school also returned to a brand new school building.

Oakdale Elementary School got some new renovations too to their building.

Also for the first time this school year, all 21 Tuscaloosa City Schools will have officers present.

In the past, a district spokesperson said just the middle and high school had officers, but now the elementary schools do, too.

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