DCH using new digital imaging for footprints

New footprint technology to identify babies

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - In years past, nurses made ink imprints of a baby's foot for security reasons and mementos for families.

At Tuscaloosa's DCH Regional Medical Center, nurses have updated that time-honored tradition with digital scanners.

This newborn baby boy is one of the most recent infants at DCH getting scanned with the most up to date digital imagery equipment.

Traci Swann, a registered nurse and manager for the hospital's pediatric unit, demonstrates how the newborn safety system developed by CertaScan works.

"So we have our digital technology here and we are going to take the left foot," Swann demonstrated Thursday.

DCH has used the scanning device for more than a month. They use it to make a proper ID of a baby footprint.

The digital image lasts longer and can be more easily used in emergencies to identify babies that go missing.

"It's new technology that the company has worked with many maternity units and national centers for missing and exploited children to enhance our safety features with our newborns and their mothers," Swann added.

Each mother gets a printed copy of that digital image on a certificate.

When they go home, they can visit a website that allows them to change the picture's colors, add borders and other enhancements.

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