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Shelby Co. school spends thousands on security upgrades

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Kingswood Christian school has spent $12,000 to make security upgrades to keep children safe.

The school system invested in much more than just security cameras. It also has buttons that every teacher wears a round their necks. If there is an emergency they just push the button and the front office is notified. There is also a button installed in every classroom that automatically calls Alabaster police.

Ruth Gray, Headmaster at Kingwood Christian School, says the upgrades to the school security system were a no brainer.

"It is the day and time we are living in. We are facing new problems that we have not face in the past and we want to be proactive," she said.

Those proactive steps include installing magnetic closing doors and hiring a full-time school resource officer. All the classrooms now have camera inside.

This technology allows officer David Kline to keep an eye on every inch of the school through viewing all the footage right from his phone. The main offices can also view each camera. The SRO is armed but he's not the only one.

"We have an unnamed armed faculty member besides myself that works inside the school he is a full time employee," Kline said.

Gary says she hopes all of these security upgrades help parents breathe a sigh of relief when dropping their kids off at school.

"They don't prevent tragedy form happening but it buys us time," she said.

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