Fairfield gym owners get runaround after rain floods business

Business owners upset over flooding

FAIRFIELD, AL (WBRC) - Two Fairfield gym owners have been fed up for about five years with their business being flooded.

Brothers Broderick Mitchell and Terrance Underwood co-own Elite Fitness Boot Camp. They say that every time it rains, their gym floods - and they aren't getting any answers from the city toward a solution.

Mitchell says every time it rains on Crawford Street in Fairfield, his business gets flooded.

"What happens every time it rains, it floods real bad. It's tragic, as you can see, the street got, the water gets like three feet high," says Mitchell.

The co-owners turn the fans on full blast because they don't want to turn away clients who come every day to work out at Elite Fitness Boot Camp. Wednesday's class had to work out on a partially wet floor - a floor Mitchell and his brother must replace every time it rains.

"Thousands of dollars. Thousands of dollars. And it's an ongoing problem. Like we've been dealing with this for five years and we're paying out of our pocket. We're a small business but we're doing everything out of pocket. We've got no help," says Underwood.

There are three drains in the stretch of the street near Elite Fitness Boot Camp, but one of them is completely covered in trash. Mitchell and Underwood say they could move to another location, but they say they want to be here.

"Everybody think the city of Fairfield is doing so bad, but it's up to us to try to stay here and try to revitalize the situation. We can easily run and relocate, we got the funds for that, but then, what about the city? We do a 5K for the city. We do so much for the city, trying to build the city up but when we look back, the city's not doing anything for us," says Underwood.

We tried calling Mayor Edward May on his cell phone to talk to him about it. The call went to voicemail, but the phone was not able to take a message.

"We have not gotten a legitimate answer yet. The answer they tell us when they come out here is, 'what rain?' There's no rain once they come cause it's subsided. We just want to be treated as business owners. Don't overlook us," says Underwood.

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