Drivers claim asphalt, rocks from I-20 construction damaged cars

Drivers claim I-20 construction damaging cars

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Drivers say they're having a hard time reaching officials after rocks and asphalt from construction on I-20 caused major damage to their cars.

Marsha Forbus still gets emotional talking about what happened to her, even weeks later. She said when the asphalt came flying at her window, she thought she was being shot at.

"I definitely wouldn't want this to happen to anyone else," said Forbus.

But, according to her, it has.

"I've got friends and I have family that the same thing happened," said Forbus. "Busted headlights, chipped windshields, scratched paint, dents in their vehicles."

Forbus said she was on her way to work the morning of July 23 heading west. As she approached Cook Springs, she said a truck passed her, slinging a piece of asphalt through her back window. She said she thought she had been shot.

"You can hear it," she said. "When you're going into work you can hear it bouncing off people's cars or your own car. It's awful."

But Forbus said what makes it even more awful is the lack of response she's getting from the construction company doing work between Cook Springs and Eden, and the money she had to shell out to replace her window.

"It was $100," she said.

ALDOT officials tell us a contractor is working that specific area going westbound.

Forbus said she's reached out to them, without much luck on getting that damage covered.

"We work hard for our vehicles and we just want someone to step up and say, 'Hey, we're sorry,'" said Forbus,

She said now her focus isn't the money. It's to warn other drivers of the area and what she says could happen.

ALDOT said if this has happened to you, go to their website, click on the 'contact us' tab at the top of the page then click on 'claims for damage against ALDOT.' There, you will find instructions on how to fill out a form.

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