Back-to-school traffic on Hoover's Hwy 150 causes complaints

Traffic on Highway 150

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Some Hoover parents say back-to-school traffic was a nightmare Wednesday morning.

Crews have been working on widening the bridge here near Highway150-Ross Bridge Parkway for several months. That coupled with school traffic made it challenging for some drivers.

On social media, parents vented frustrations that it took them nearly an hour to get their student to class because of the traffic.

We checked with Hoover City Schools officials who say they didn't get any complaints from parents. They add that out of 126 buses running Wednesday morning, only one made it to school late by about 10 minutes. They were not sure if that bus was caught in the Highway 150 traffic.

We also checked with Hoover police, who said there was a minor fender bender near Stadium Trace Parkway that may have slowed things down some. But police, too, say they did not hear of any major problems.

Motor scouts are out patrolling traffic in the morning along Highway 150 and also on Patton Chapel Road just to make sure things are flowing smoothly.

Police say the first few days of school are always a little rocky just as folks get back into the routine.

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