Bessemer kicks off National Night Out as way to connect with the community

National Night Out

BESSEMER, AL (WBRC) - Bessemer Police want to change the perception that they're only around when something bad happens.

"Anytime the public and the police can interact together on a positive note, it just helps foster that atmosphere of future notifications of crime and things going on in the neighborhood," explained Lt. Christian Clemons with the Bessemer Police Department.

On Tuesday, they showed the other side of policing during National Night Out. The community had the chance to connect with cops and even have fun. There were inflatables, food, and school supplies.

National Night Out is a night against crime and violence; A time to focus on safer neighborhoods. "You have the community and the police working together to either solve or keep crime from occurring and it's also a nice fun atmosphere for the kids to be around police in a different manner that they may have experienced before," continued Clemons.

Clemons said events like National Night out are leaving an impact. "We think our presence, as well as the community members, and the business leaders of the city really help keep crime low and keeps crime from happening, not only keeps it from happening, but also help solve future crime."

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