Water restored to a majority of Bessemer utility customers

Bessemer water back on for most people

BESSEMER, AL (WBRC) - For days now, simple things like taking a bath or washing your hair have been a struggle for people in Bessemer. The struggle is now over. The water was restored for a large majority of Bessemer Utility customers, including Gen White.

"I was in shock," described White, when she learned her service had been interrupted.

White, like many in her community, toughed it out without water. "First, I tried to take a shower that morning and I didn't get any water. Then I went to my sink and it was just dripping a little bit. Then it happened again last night."

White who has lived in the community for 71 years said she had to buy bottled water to help her do the simple things around the house like cook or flush the toilet.

"You put the water in the back of the commode and then you had to wait until it filled up to flush it and that was a job a little bit. It was a lot of work." Continued White.

On Friday that huge water main break knocked out water for folks in parts of Bessemer, Brighton, Lipscomb, and Midfield.

Crews tried to fix the problem by installing a repair clamp on the main, but that clamp broke and people lost water again. Right now customers are feeling some relief. "You gotta have a little patience," said White.

Bessemer city leaders said Tuesday that there may be a few homes here and there that may be without water, but the system has been restored and water is flowing again.

Bessemer water will continue to monitor the situation.

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