Too hot to start school? Lawmaker pushes for later start date

Starting school in super hot weather

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The city of Birmingham, along with several other cities are starting back to school the first week of August.

Too early and too hot according to Gadsden representative Craig Ford.

"So why not start after Labor Day, and we can still finish before Memorial Day," Ford says.

He plans to reintroduce a bill that would allow for such. He says it would benefit teachers, students and parents in several ways along with state tourism.

"Tourism is the number one, sometimes number two feeder to the generator to the education trust fund. We have the gulf coast. Why don't we take more advantage of it and have a longer beach season," he says.

But school superintendents look at what's required in the classroom.

"If the law requires you go to school 180 days, you've got to get ninety days in before you get out for Christmas," says Jefferson County Superintendent Craig Pouncey.

He and others say they could cut out holidays throughout the year, but parents would frown on that. And even if classes started later, it would then mean going longer into June, which is a hot month, too.

But Ford says his bill could address all those concerns. He'll reintroduce it in the upcoming legislative session.

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