Hoover City Schools rezoning plan ready for first day of school

Hoover rezoning plan now in effect

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Less than 24 hours until Caleb Simpson starts fourth grade. It'll be a new school year in a new school building.

"I really wanted to do it because this is my first time ever transferring to another school," Caleb says.

He attended Gwin Elementary his first four years. Now he'll attend Trace Crossings. His dad, Walt, is excited too.

"I serve as a substitute in Hoover City Schools so I've seen some of the overcrowding issues so I knew it as necessary," he says. "And instead of trying to fight it, we embraced it."

The Simpsons are one of roughly two-thousand families that will change schools this year as a result of the Hoover city school's new rezoning plan.

"We're doing anything we can to support our children in this transition. Change is difficult and we respect that," says Superintendent Kathy Murphy.

She says the system is prepared to handle any problems that arise with the changes.

"If children show up at a school where they have not been zoned, we're certainly going to support those children in contacting parents and working with those parents to get those students to the school they've been zoned to," she says.

For those with a language barrier, Murphy says they have bilingual staff ready to help. And she adds that the transportation staff has spent all summer rearranging and perfecting bus routes.

"We are absolutely ready to roll the busses. We're ready to open the doors, ring the bells and embrace our children," she says.

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