2 Cullman Co. sisters give birth within minutes of one another

Sisters give birth 1 hour apart

CULLMAN COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Talk about a bond only sisters can share. Two Cullman County sisters gave birth within minutes of one another.

Courtney Carpentier and her sister Morgan Bailey found out they were pregnant around the same time, but had no idea they'd be giving birth at the same time - at the same hospital.

Bailey gave birth to a baby girl named Mia, while her sister gave birth to a boy named Reece.

The healthy  babies were delivered at Cullman Regional just 61 minutes apart on Monday.

"Waters were broke just 10 minutes apart," said Carpentiet."

"Our mom was like running back and forth because we were put in room 2 and room 3," said Bailey. "After all the things that we've been through together, that we would end up having babies at the exact same time. I wouldn't change it for the world."

The sisters said they were FaceTiming with each other while in labor.

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