Adamsville PD joins Lip Sync Challenge

Local police participate in lip sync videos

ADAMSVILLE, AL (WBRC) - The Lip Sync Challenge is sweeping police departments around the nation. The latest department to join is Adamsville.

The five-minute video from Adamsville PD goes through different scenarios that's meant to show the community that Adamsville has a lighter side.

The video has been seen and shared by a lot you. It's one of the many Lip Sync Challenge videos being shared by first responders all across the country. Adamsville Police Chief Warren Cotton hopes it helps bridge the gap between officers and the communities they serve.

"We want to show the public that we are people too. We're not robots. We don't just arrest people, write tickets and be mean and all that type of stereotypes that we get all the time. It's a big morale booster," Cotton said.

Adamsville firefighters, the mayor and others make cameos in the video as well.

You can watch the video below.

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