Jasper benefiting from I-22 expansion

New development off I-22 in Jasper

JASPER, AL (WBRC) - Just a quick stop off I-22 in Jasper, you'll find travelers from Texas, Florida, Georgia and even - Springfield, Missouri.

Jesse and Paula Gibson are from that area. Thursday they were traveling to Florida - a trip they've made often. This time, however, they're noticing the changes along the route.

"We've noticed that there is a little bit more development going on out here more than what it was when we first started coming out here," Jesse said..

It's a welcomed change, but travelers want to see more .

"I need gas and every time I go to one of these intersections it says it might be, but you can't see it from the road," said Joe Mastin. "So, it's difficult to decide to stop or not, he continued."

At the Jasper exit on I-22, several businesses have opened. Burger King is next and Jasper mayor David O'Mary said this type of interest is starting to be common.

"We have inquires weekly. The interest has been growing by leaps and bounds so it's reasonable to assume you'll see more growth in that area," said O'Mary.

He said I-22 has exceeded the city's expectations, especially at this corridor. So far there's a car dealership, gas station, hotel and four restaurants with another on the way.

"We've seen some growth in our sales tax revenue. It has not been as robust as we would have liked, but we think the big impact has yet to hit," continued O'Mary.

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