Community speaks out about possible B'ham city council vacancies

Two council positions could be left vacant

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - There are still a few months before Birmingham City Council District Six Seat is vacant, but neighbors in Graymont, one of the neighborhoods in that district, have a list of things they want to be done by the next person to hold that office.

"Our kids need someplace to go," said Betty Miles.

"If we can get some help with cutting trees down," asked Eloise Hardy.

"I talked with someone about the upkeep of Legion Field," said Graymont Neighborhood Association President Willine Body.

They discussed it Wednesday at their neighborhood association meeting. But there are also concerns about how the vacancies will be filled. The next councilor for District Six and District One will be appointed by the city council if Councilwoman Sheila Tyson and Lashunda Scales take their seat as Jefferson County Commissioners.

The appointees will hold the office until the next city council election, which in this case is about three years from now.

"I feel like the neighborhood should have a strong input into who going to be appointed," continued Body.

"To me that covers friendship. I may have a best friend I want to put in that seat," said Miles.

It's also a concern for Apple Valley Neighborhood President, Larry Butler. His neighborhood is in District One and he's hoping for the same representation he's had under Scales.

"Who's to say who they will put in office," he asked. "That's why people elected Council Scales because she was hardworking and she was passionate about our neighborhood. We need someone who is concerned about us," said Butler.

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