Oak Mountain's Kindergarten Camp receives great reviews

Kindergarten camp in Shelby Co.

SHELBY COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Starting kindergarten can be an overwhelming time for both parents and students. That is why Oak Mountain Elementary started Kindergarten Camp.

Learning starts right when those kindergarteners step out of the car they understand and with no other students here it's a lot easier for the teachers to teach them how day-to-day activities were in the life of a kindergartner.

Courtney Casey is the mother of a Kindergarten Camp graduate. She says the camp helped both on them get through the first day of kindergarten with less stress.

"He would ask me what am I going to do there what do I do in kindergarten you know am I going to get to eat lunch," she said.

At camp, children learn how to walk in a straight line and how to listen.

"When they go into the lunch room and till learn how to punch in their lunch account information and go through the line and all the food," Casey said.

Doing all of this in an empty school is much better than trying to learn during the chaos of the first day. Transition camp has been so successful here at Oak Mountain elementary that several other schools in Shelby County have also adopted the transition camp some of them this year being their first year.

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