Neighbors want help with wild hogs roaming Bessemer subdivision

Wild hogs spotted in Bessemer subdivision

BESSEMER, AL (WBRC) - Neighbors in one subdivision in Bessemer are looking for help with a wild problem.

"At first I didn't have a clue - I wasn't expecting to see a hog out here," said Glenn Collins.

Collins and others in the new Windsor Parc Estates subdivision spotted three hogs roaming through the community that is surrounded by woods.

"I came out the garage and it was in my neighbor's yard. Then they came off the hill to my neighborhood house and into my backyard," said Collins.

He said they've reached out for help, but the problem remains. He saw the hogs this morning.

"I hollered at them and it just looked up at me," said Collins. "I said I better go in the house in case it came at me. I called the sheriff's department and they told me I needed to call animal control. I called animal control and they told me I needed to call the sheriff."

Collins said a sheriff's deputy did come out but couldn't get the hogs and animal control doesn't handle wildlife. He worried this could become a safety issue.

"Some kids might be out here and there are kids in the community. If some kids get out here and think it's a pet - you never know," said Collins.

A spokesperson for the Jefferson County Animal Control said in these situations they typically refer people to wildlife removal companies.

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