Moundville teen returns from Haiti following riots

MOUNDVILLE, AL (WBRC) - A Tuscaloosa County teen has returned from Haiti, where she was on a mission trip when the riots broke out.

Her journey back was difficult, to say the least.

Imagine travelling thousands of miles to give back in a country you've grown to adore - and then getting caught up in the turmoil that unfolded right before your eyes.

"I was fearful, I'll admit I was fearful and I know several people that were fearful," said Jordan Dyer.

Dyer, an 18-year-old Moundville native, had been interning with a mission organization called Baptist for Haiti a little over a month.

"We love the Haitians I love the Haitians they are my family," said Dyer.

She planned to stay longer and serve the Haitian children and others she'd grown to care for but that all came to a screeching halt.

"The riots were breaking out, the U.S. Embassy contacted people, they contacted us saying that we need to stay we do not need to get on the roads because it's dangerous. It just progressed so quickly," said Dyer.

Multiple violent demonstrations sparked after Haitian Government officials announced that gas prices would skyrocket to more than 50 percent.

"They're reacting because they are being treated unfairly," said Dyer.

Chaos in the streets continued to grow and Dyer said they worried about how long they'd be trapped down there.

"The hardest part about getting back America is we couldn't get to the airport. People at the road blocks would rob you, throw rocks at you. You didn't know what to expect. I mean there's a lot of violence going on," said Dyer.

The group started thinking of an evacuation plan. They were able to catch a flight early Tuesday morning, using armed security to help escort them on the way to the airport.

"Once we got on that plane I was like, 'Jesus, thank you,'" said Dyer.

Dyer said it was so hard leaving Haiti much earlier than expected, but she hopes to return one day and wants others to visit too, once the protests have settled.

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