Burglary suspects dressed in hard hats, reflective vests

Suspicious men concern neighbors

HELENA, AL (WBRC) - Two men, dressed in reflective vests and hard hats, are now suspected of breaking into a Jefferson County home.

And over in Helena, homeowners caught two suspicious men on their surveillance cameras in their driveway wearing the same thing.

"That's scary.  That's very scary," said homeowner Lisa Williams.

Williams said her Russet Meadows neighborhood, which is just off of Morgan Road, is usually quiet.

But when she saw Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputies at her neighbor's house Monday, she became concerned.

"I was wondering what was going on,  I had no idea," she said.  "I had not heard this.  It was very alarming."

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office told us they're investigating a burglary on the 6000 block of Russet Meadows Drive.

They said two men wearing reflective vests and hard hats, driving a gold pick up truck, broke into a home.

"It's scary, because, I mean, if they're in construction outfits, had on a little vest, that would make you think that they're an Alabama Power worker, or a Water Works employee," said Williams.

A neighbor said he called 911 when he saw the suspicious gold truck in his neighbor's driveway.

He approached the two men, but he says the men ran out of the home, got into their truck, and sped off.

"That's good," said Williams,  "And I would hope that my neighbors would do the same thing.  And I would do the same thing if I felt suspicious of something."

And over in Helena in the Cahaba Falls neighborhood, a homeowner's surveillance cameras caught two suspicious men lurking around their front door.

Those two men were also wearing reflective vests, hard hats, and driving a gold truck.

Police are investigating this video and why the men were there.

The Helena Police Chief said this is a good reminder for homeowners.

If you see someone in an unmarked car, like in this case, it's best to either ask for identification or credentials or call the police.

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