Vestavia Hills school board approves new school zones

VESTAVIA HILLS, AL (WBRC) - Big changes are coming to the Vestavia Hills school district.

The school board approved to rezone the district for the 2019-2020 school year.

Ever since the school system decided to transition its elementary schools to K through 5, it came up with multiple options to rezone the district.

The board voted to approve option two, with a couple modifications from superintendent Dr. Todd Freeman.

The southern portion of the former West Elementary zone, as well as the southern and eastern portions of the former East Elementary zone, have been rezoned to the new Gresham Elementary zone.

Dr. Freeman made some changes to option two, by keeping Cahaba Heights 8 in the Cahaba Heights zone, and a portion of Liberty Park 4 will be moved into the Cahaba Heights zone.

"This kind of change in a school system is very emotional because there's a lot of passion because you get very invested in the elementary school your children are in. So, we understand that. So any kind of move can be difficult. The assurance is that we've got great schools all throughout Vestavia Hills, and that's a comfort," said Dr. Freeman.

These rezoning changes will go into effect fall of 2019 when Gresham Elementary opens.

Dr. Freeman said staffing decisions will happen in the spring of next year.

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