City of Tuscaloosa responds to The Downs flooding concerns

City responds to neighborhood flooding in Tuscaloosa

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - The city of Tuscaloosa has responded to complaints about flooding in the historic Downs community.

Sarah Perdue is just one of many neighbors in the historic district of The Downs neighborhood that continues to deal with extreme flooding.

In Tuesday night's meeting, she along with others voiced their concerns to the city listing her issue as the worst case.

Going on Facebook Live seemed like the most effective way for Sarah to really show the flood problem Friday.

"Inside our house, we have 3 to 6 inches depending on where you look," said homeowner Sarah Perdue.

Water gets everywhere, and Perdue said it's all because of a ditch drain located directly in her backyard.

"Two city drains that come together right here," said Perdue. "We're the ones that take on water in our house regularly and we feel just abandoned."

After going back and forth with the city for nearly a decade, Perdue and the neighborhood president want real results for a pipe makeup still stuck in the 1940's.

"The problem is there's been too much development over the years and this neighborhood and others near it can't really handle that much runoff," said Tom Lands, The Downs neighborhood president.

"I'm happy with all the growth that's taking place in district two, but as it's being noted when we do have development coming into our community we have to make sure that we have the infrastructure that supports that development," said Councilwoman Raevan Howard.

City leaders said Tuesday night they have asked engineers to look at the drainage system at the downs to see how the flooding can be stopped there.

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