Safest cities in Alabama

Shelby Co. cities among safest in AL

SHELBY COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - According to reports from the FBI in recent years, Alabama has the third-highest murder rate in the U.S., making our state a spotlight for national safety researchers to figure out why.

A study looked at population and crime totals to form a top 20 list of safest cities in Alabama.

Helena took the number eight spot, Pelham followed at number 12, and Montevallo also made the list at number 18.

Becky Cox-Rodgers is a Manager at Falcon Arts Supply, and she says she is not surprised that Montevallo made the list, because she always feels safe.

"It's a small community, everyone knows everyone, which in the case of crime prevention is wonderful thing," Cox-Rodgers explained.

Community members in Montevallo say even if they have small crimes like car break-ins, the suspects are caught pretty quickly.

"People are on the watch and just take care of their neighbors and keep their eyes open," Cox-Rodgers stated.

She says she thinks not being near the interstate helps keeps criminals away.

In Pelham, they deal with the opposite. A Pelham police representative says being close to I-65 plays a factor in their property crime being higher than others. But she says that they are constantly educating their residents on social media and that has helped.

Mitch Hood is a Pelham resident and he says he always feels safe in Pelham.

"Nobody messes around in Pelham, the police keep you straight," said Hood.

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