Thief steals daycare center’s van and the crime is caught on camera

Daycare van stolen

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - "I was just heartbroken and devastated when I realized that van had been taken and burnt up," said Dorothy Delemus, the owner of Wee Willies Child Development Center on Cleburne Avenue.

The daycare center's van was stolen over the weekend and found just a few streets over burned. She said someone set the van on fire.

Delemus said without the van the children at the daycare are limited on what they can do.

"The most hurting thing is we will not be able to attend our last two field trips," she continued.

They were scheduled to attend Surge Trampoline Park in Homewood and Midfield Park.

A surveillance camera on the side of the building caught the criminal in action. The footage shows a man that comes from the side of the van, crouched down trying to hide from view, then spends the next few minutes working to break the lock.

Halfway through the process, he briefly uncovers his face and quickly covers it back. He eventually breaks the lock, opens the gate and drives off the daycare center's blue van.

"It's really heartbreaking when someone comes and takes the little that you have to offer," she continued while in tears.

While visibly upset, Delemus still offers this criminal some compassion. "We are praying that God would change his heart and take into consideration the hurt and the harm that you're doing to other people when you come in and steal from them."

In addition to losing the van, Delemus said they also lost all the car seats that were inside the van.

If you have any information about the incident, contact the Birmingham Police Department.

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