Fire officials warn about air conditioner dangers following house fire

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Investigators believe an air conditioner catching fire may be the reason a mobile home burned over the weekend in Tuscaloosa.

Two people escape from a mobile house fire in Tuscaloosa with their lives spared but their home a total loss and authorities believe their air conditioner is to blame.

"It's bad you can look at it, everything is burnt, I just pray for them", said neighbor Rodejickus Robinson.

All that's left is damage after a fire sparked at a mobile home on the 900 block of 39th Avenue East.

"It's very sad cause the wife she used to come out on the porch every day," said Robinson.

And all though that porch along with everything else in her home is destroyed, she and one other person made it out the fire with no injuries.

One neighbor didn't even know an AC could be a fire hazard depending on its condition.

"It's my first time seeing this, so I need to be a little more careful," said Robinson.

Tuscaloosa fire and rescue officials said the Air conditioner at this time year is most at risk of catching on fire.

"Make sure you're safe because we can't control the weather it's going to be hot," said Gene Holcomb Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue Marshall.

It's always important to have an HVAC expert test your AC when temperatures start to rise officials said to check and see if it's working properly, the coils aren't dirty and too worn out or old.

"Air conditioners are running all the time so that stresses all the components of the air condition of the motor it's extremely hot where they're operating 24 hours a day almost to keep up and keep homes cool," said Holcomb.

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