Work underway to prevent pet hot car deaths in Alabama

Bill to save pets locked in hot cars

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - You could be sued if you break into a car because someone left a pet in it, but work is underway to change that and make it easier in the future to save animals in distress.

You can expect another push in the Alabama state legislature to end the senseless deaths of pets in hot cars.

"I will in the future be introducing legislation that will provide good Samaritan protection for anybody who's got a good faith belief the car is in imminent, physical serious death," State Representative Chris England explained.

England, a Democrat from Tuscaloosa, introduced a similar bill in 2017.

It made it out of the judiciary committee but failed to get a to vote on the floor of the house.

England is hopeful the chances to pass the bill during the next legislative session is better.

"I think we can seize on that to stress the need for it and hopefully get the legislation passed," England said.

He said the person must make the effort to find the owner, make sure the doors are locked and that the animal is in danger of dying.

He believes people may be quicker to act to save an animal left in a car if they know they can't be sued for breaking into a car to rescue it.

"If you're in the same situation you'll know you're protected by the law," England concluded.

The next legislative session is in March.

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