Trussville church group stuck in Haiti is heading home

Mission group heading home from Haiti

(WBRC) - A group of missionaries from Trussville were able to leave Haiti safely Monday afternoon, according to the pastor of Faith Community Fellowship Church.

More than 30 students and parents were in Haiti to work with children and orphans. They were scheduled to come back Saturday, July 7, however, civil unrest prevented them from getting a flight out.

A rising fuel tax sent gas prices up to $15 a gallon - this, in a country where 80% of the people make less than $2 a day. Luckily, the church was able to charter a plane for the group to get them back to the states.

"We have been working with Mission of Hope which is a very strong, viable organization in Haiti, they've been there a long time, they do great work there. And our students from day one have been very safe, we have never for a minute been concerned about their safety, the organization has done a great job protecting them, providing for all the food and resources they needed," says Pastor Mike Ennis.

The group flew to Ft. Lauderdale Monday evening and then onto Orlando Monday night. On Tuesday morning, they will fly to Atlanta, landing around noon.

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