Armed and dangerous rape suspect wanted

Armed and dangerous suspect wanted

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The Jefferson County Sheriff's office is looking for a suspected carjacker who raped a woman driver in Forestdale.

Surveillance pictures were taken from the office of the Park Apartments of Forestdale on June 16th. Deputies say the man approached a woman who was waiting to pick up her brother. At one point he pulls out a gun.  "He gets into the car holding a gun to her head and tells her to drive him to a different location. He has to be somewhere." Det. Shane Williams said.

At the second location, the woman is sexually assaulted. The man then d rops her off at the Rock City Church near the apartment complex.

"He threatens her and tells her the last person who didn't listen to him when he told them to do something it ended badly for them." Williams said.

Later he dumps her car and runs away. authorities believe he lives in the area. "This is somebody we need to get off the streets. he has already done this to at least one young lady and claimed to have done it to another. He is definitely a danger to society," Williams said.

The man wore a bandana. deputies have the bandana with DNA to make a match if they catch the suspect.  If anyone has information about the suspect you are encouraged to get in touch with the Jefferson County Sheriff's department or CrimeStoppers.

Authorities are looking for a slender black male, light skin, weighing 150-to-160 lbs.

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